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Sent: A Blog of Catholic Missionaries
Bearing Light to the World’s Darkest Places

Do You Know What Impact Just $10 Can Have in Haiti?

How St. Jean Bosco School Changed My Life

Why We Need School Sponsors: An Interview with Fr. Bavon

How to Change a Haitian Child’s Life with What You Spend on Amazon Prime

Help Provide Education to Children in Haiti This Thanksgiving Season

5 Ways Americans Can Make a Difference in Zambia This Year

Stories from the Field — Our missionaries share their personal accounts of God’s work in Zambia

Introducing The State of Children in Zambia — A Comprehensive Guide on the State of Zambian Children in 2017

Hurricane Irma’s devastating effects on Haiti and the Dominican Republic

How We Can Help Those in Need in the Philippines

3 Ways to Help Restore Hope and Healing Among the Marginalized in the Philippines

Protecting the Orphan: How Missionhurst is Answering the Call from Isaiah 1:17

3 Things You Need to Know About the State of Healthcare in the Philippines

Introducing The State of Children in the Philippines in 2017 — A Comprehensive Guide on the State of Filipino Children in 2017

Examination of Conscience: A Soul Searching With Jesus Christ

What It Means To Be A Missionary in 2017

Fr. Charles Named New CICM Superior General

Witnessing the Risen Christ in the Dominican Republic

The Victory of Life Over Death in Zambia

The Church in Mongolia: Daring to Go Where Other NGOs Do Not

The Eucharistic Enthusiasm of the Haitian People: One Missionary's Account of the First Communion

3 Ways You Can Grow in Love for Jesus by Loving His Children

3 Stories of Hope this Easter Season

Easter in a War Zone: One Missionary's Account of the Holy Week

Introducing The Via Lucis: A meditative journey celebrating the Risen Christ [New Easter Devotional]

Here’s How You Can Bring Hope to 20 Haitian Families this Easter Season

Understanding the Impact of $10 in Bois de Laurence, Haiti

Laurette’s Story: How St. Jean Bosco School Changed Her Life

Why We Need School Sponsors: An Interview with Fr. Bavon

How to Change a Haitian Child’s Life with What You Spend on Netflix

Use #GivingTuesday to Support Women & Infants in Guatemala Who Need Our Help

3 Ways to Support Women in Guatemala This Thanksgiving

Support Pregnant Women and New Mothers in Guatemala This Thanksgiving

Supporting HIV and AIDS Victims in Zambia: An Interview with Fr. Wilfreddo Sabarillo

Featured Missionary Story: Fr. Francis Nsapo

Featured Missionary: Fr. Charles Lutumba

Featured Missionary Story: Fr. Stanley [Video Interview]

Hundreds of Haitians Affected by Hurricane Matthew — Here’s How You Can Help!

Loving the Oppressed in the Philippines: An Interview with Fr. Jean Eddie

An Interview with Fr. Dundu Ananias: Living Missionally in Indonesia

Five Ways to Improve Health Care in the Philippines

Youth: Caretakers and Protectors of Nature

Building the Church in Cameroon — An Appeal from Fr. Tselele

The Magic of Working with Children in Need of Special Protection

Field Report: Understanding our Relief and Health Care Work Around the World

Introducing the Front Lines Newsletter

Poverty: A Scandalous Condition in Lupang Pangako, Payatas, Quezon City

Dispelling Gang Warfare in the Congo

Training “Miracle Workers” in the Congo

Featured Missionary Story: Meet Fr. Kevin

Featured Missionary Story: Meet Fr. Geraldo

Why the Church in Asia so Desperately Needs the Year of Mercy

What Pope Francis’ Latest Apostolic Exhortation Means for Families in Third World Countries

How I Met Mother Teresa

Five Difficult Situations to Pray for in Indonesia

Are Catholic Priests Still Effective Missionaries?

Witch Children, Corruption and Tractors –Offering Help, Hope and Healing in the Democratic Republic of Congo

4 Ways to Pray for Our Missionary Efforts in Africa

The Poverty Crisis in Guatemala — And What We Can Do about It

Teach Me How to Fish and I Will Never Be Hungry Again

Striving to Love and Serve the Lost, Broken-Hearted and Marginalized of Brazil

How We’re Fighting to Promote Education Throughout Cameroon

Today We Pray for Our Missionary Efforts in Belgium #PrayForBrussels

3 Meaningful Ways You Can Pray for Our Missionary Efforts in Asia

Evangelism Starts with Friendship: How Missionhurst is Spreading the Gospel in Japan

How Can You Introduce Christ into a Culture That Doesn’t Know What Faith Is?

The Upward Battle Against Poverty, Sex-Trafficking, and the Government in Mongolia

The Trials of Raising One of the Youngest Catholic Churches in the World

3 Ways You Can Help Spread the Word About our Missionary Work Around the World

Restoring Hope

The Caresses of the Mission

Learning about Jesus from Mama Clotilde

Being the Bread Today: A Missionary Field Report

Give Them Something To Eat Yourself (Matthew 14:16)

Having Friends to Rely On - Becoming a Monthly Sponsor This Year

Help Us Give the Gift of Restoration This Christmas Season

The Stay

Six Years Later: Why Haiti Still Needs Us

Restoring Hope Amidst Post-Earthquake Haiti

A New Challenge

Missioning in Post-Earthquake Japan

An Orphanage in Zambia and Young Daliso's Story

Catholic Missionary Priests Make Home Visitations

My Missionary Internship in Haiti

Missionary Work in Zambia

Catholic Missionaries Share a Struggle with the People of Senegal

Missionaries Serve Deaf Children in Philippines

About This Blog

Missionhurst Missionaries build Catholic communities in frontier situations: places where the gospel is not preached or lived. This blog is about their work in the four corners of the globe, and their holistic work in four areas of focus: relief and healthcare, socio-economic development, education, and pastoral work.

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