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Having Friends to Rely On - Becoming a Monthly Sponsor This Year

Fr. Randy     Jan 1, 2016 8:30:00 AM


One of the essential tools that a missionary must use in order to affect change and save lives is the ability to make and keep a budget.  This may sound far-fetched but imagine the tragic consequences of opening an orphanage or a hospital without being able to take care of the people who rely on you.

The benefits of knowing what your budget will be allows you to plan, dream or cut programs accordingly.

It allows us to establish relationships that you can trust for food and medical supplies.

It gives us peace to know that the friends are there to support us and the dear people we minister to every month.

Implementing a budget is important for all of us – for both saving, spending and for our non-taxable donations.  Have you ever thought of budgeting your donations to Missionhurst by becoming a monthly sponsor?   Being a monthly sponsor for Missionhurst not only helps you and your budget, it helps our missionaries too!

Here are 4 advantages to being a monthly sponsor for Missionhurst:

1. Save Time:

 Having a monthly sponsorship makes it easier for you to set a comfortable donation level with a click of a button.  Then you can relax and know that your donation is working immediately for all of the Missionhurst missionaries who desperately need regular support.

You can choose to have your automatic donation deducted from your credit card or checking account and you will receive a complete statement for tax purposes recording the donations received.

2. Budget Better:

Monthly sponsorships allow you to budget and helps us budget better.  This predictable source of income helps us know how many kids we can feed, how many orphans we can take in, how many communities we can develop, and how many new relief efforts we can take on.  Knowing that we can count on your donation every month allows us stability and a firm financial ground in order to reach further.

3. A Friend We Can Count On:

Just as friendships grow deeper with regular support, your monthly donation makes you part of an integral relationship our missionaries.  To thank you, we’ll send you a quarterly newsletter showing you the successes and challenges that Missionhurst programs are having throughout the world.

4. Saving Lives with a Click:

To become a monthly Sponsor, just click HERE and fill in the online donation form, choose your amount, and watch your donation change the world.  You can also download a form from here FORM and fax or scan it and send it in to us.

Our monthly Sponsors give us the true ability to affect more change in the areas that the missionaries work, as well as develop new relationships with others.

Please consider becoming a monthly Sponsor! By clicking on the button and donating to Missionhurst monthly, you become Christ’s hands on earth alongside the Missionhurst missionaries.

Interested in becoming a monthly sponsor to support our missonaries' work?

Become a Sponsor

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