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Sent: A Blog of Catholic Missionaries
Bearing Light to the World’s Darkest Places

Update From the Field: Recovering from the Recent Earthquake in Haiti

Fr. Anaclet Mukendi Mpunga     Sep 21, 2021 1:40:29 PM

This post was written by Fr. Anaclet Mukendi CICM, a Missionhurst missionary and native of Democratic Republic of Congo working in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He joined Missionhurst in 2004, was ordained a priest in 2008, and was sent to Haiti in 2009. He is currently responsible for the Saint Jude clinic in Port-au-Prince.

The earth...

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A Day of Pastoral Care at Our Malawi Christian Mission

Fr. Peter Koh     Mar 25, 2021 9:00:30 AM

The message came in just past 6 pm. An active Catholic had died in one of our outstations. The burial would be the following day. They wanted to know — could a priest come to celebrate the funeral mass?

When I saw the message, I did not hesitate to respond positively.

It was only later that

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The Impact You Made in 2019

Missionhurst     Jan 9, 2020 8:37:00 AM

As we begin a new year, all of us at Missionhurst CICM would like to thank each of you for the continued care, compassion, and generosity you show our missionaries and the people they serve throughout the world.

Last year your prayers and generosity were a blessing for all of our

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Featured Missionary: Fr. Kevin and His Service in the Dominican Republic

Fr. Randy     Apr 12, 2019 9:12:00 AM

Fr. Kevin has been apart of the Missionhurst community since 2005 and particularly focuses his missionary on refugee support and relief. Today he serves in the Dominican Republic and works with the many undocumented Haitians there helping them to attain citizenship and grow in their identity as children of God.

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3 Stories from the Working Poor in the Philippines

Fr. Ramon R. Caluza     Mar 27, 2019 2:30:53 PM

In the poor areas around Manila in the Philippines, the Urban Missionaries have organized chapters of a Women Workers Association, called Kayumanggi.

I went to Valenzuela City to interview three leading members of the Kayumanggi chapter there: Belinda “Dang” Cunanan (age 44), Jinky Fulgencio (age 44) and Julie Peralta (age 45).

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About This Blog

Missionhurst Missionaries build Catholic communities in frontier situations: places where the gospel is not preached or lived. This blog is about their work in the four corners of the globe, and their holistic work in four areas of focus: relief and healthcare, socio-economic development, education, and pastoral work.

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