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The Bethany Center — Where Are We Now and Why We Need Your Help This Easter

Fr. Randy     Apr 4, 2018 7:34:00 AM

The Bethany Center — Where Are We Now

In 2016, we invited you to join us during Giving Tuesday to support the construction of Missionhurst’s Bethany Infant and Maternity Center. The goal of this center was and still is to directly help women and children in need of care in Guatemala. At that time, the center was about 75% complete.

Now, thanks to your generosity, it is 95% complete and Fr. Maxi Charitable Derisseau hopes to open its doors on May 10, 2018 (Mother’s Day) with a special “Health Festival”. But in order to do so, we need your help!

And this is not the only area where support is needed during this Easter season!

As you know, if you've been following and contributing to our efforts, the Infant and Maternity Center is part of a much larger network of Bethany Center locations.

You might be wondering where are we are with the many projects that are moving forward. Read on to see how Missionhurst is continuing to provide for our brothers and sisters in Guatemala who desperately need our help.

The Bethany Center Has Made Big Progress

The Bethany Center is a ministry that serves the poorest of the poor —particularly women and children — in Guatemala. The Center has many locations: the main location is in the city of Coban, the Infant and Maternity Center is in San Benito Lachua, and several smaller comedores (dining rooms) serve remote aldeas (or villages) in the mountains.

Our missionaries need YOUR help raising $5,500 to provide food, education, and  medical services. Join us in saving lives during this Easter season!  

The Bethany Center has made tremendous progress in the last five years since the network first began serving the poor in Guatemala. It has grown in the number of locations, in the number of services offered, and in the number of people who are served. 

Today, there are between 1,000 and 1,500 children directly benefiting from the various centers of the Bethany network in the Coban area. This parish spans hundreds of square miles and all of it is part of the El Calvario parish territory overseen by Fr. Maxi. When you add in the other people indirectly served by Bethany Center locations (family members and caregivers), the total served is around 4,500 persons.

Here's How We Want to Keep Growing

Thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers, donated supplies and equipment, and the grace of God, the Bethany Center and its satellite centers in the aldeas have almost everything they needs in terms of facilities. What is missing?

  1. Industrial kitchen equipment (large refrigerators, food processors, mixers, etc) for the three dining rooms, one in the main center in Coban city and the two in the satellite centers in the mountain villages.
  2. Funding for three full time positions at the Maternity Center in San Benito: a doctor/director, nurse/assistant to the director, and a 24-hour security guard.
  3. Ongoing funds for food, water supply (which has to be brought in in huge containers of purified water), cleaning supplies, tables and chairs to feed a growing number of people, and construction materials for the buildings still “in progress.” 

How Can You Help this Year?

As we take part in this joyous season of hope, the celebration of our Savior’s Resurrection, will you prayerfully consider donating to support the various projects our missionaries are leading in Guatemala?

If you aren’t able to give financially, please pray for our missionaries Fr. Maxi, Fr. Thomás, Fr. Felipe, and their teams, that they may be able to provide the most vulnerable of Christ’s brothers and sisters in Guatemala with the love and care they need.

The individuals in Guatemala need OUR help now more than ever. Will you join us and make an impact this year? 

I'm Ready to Make a Difference

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