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Sharing works of mercy 

Our blog features stories from projects around the world that are changing the amount of love, truth, well-being and opportunity that enter into the lives of marginalized children.


3 Challenges Mothers in Guatemala Face Every Day - And How You Can Help

During this time of year, signs of comfort and plenty are everywhere. We are bombarded by messages about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales; holiday decorations cry out to us from the packed shelves of every store; and we spend money on pies,...

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Learn How You Can Support and Empower Women in Guatemala

The Bethany Center is a ministry that serves the poorest of the poor, particularly the vulnerable women, infants, and children in rural Guatemala. The center has many...

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The Women and Children of Guatemala Need You. Here’s Why.

In every society, women and children are the most vulnerable. Violence, lack of access to education, homelessness, and acute poverty all affect the stability and health of...

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What is the state of women's and children's health in rural Guatemala?

Imagine the array of intense emotions that come with learning that you or someone you love is pregnant. Often there is great joy, mixed with some uncertainty, relief,...

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7 Prayers for Struggling Mothers and Infants Around the World

All of us know of mothers, fathers, families, and children, both close to home and far away, who are struggling with the challenges of daily life or with more extreme...

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Up Close and Personal: REAL Stories from Guatemala

At this very moment, missionaries in Guatemala are helping to serve those suffering from poverty, violence, and malnutrition. Daily, our priests are walking alongside the...

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Pray With Us: St. Philomena Novena for Babies, Children, and Mothers in Need

It's easy to look around the world, at the poverty and despair that so many live in, and become discouraged thinking — there is too much to tackle, I'm too far away, or I...

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Our Story

MercyWorks is an initiative sponsored by Missionhurst CICM that is dedicated to bringing dignity to the world’s most marginalized children by meeting their most basic educational and health care needs. Our projects include everything from building schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to providing proper medical care to infants in Guatemala. Learn more about our story and the Missionhurst CICM here.