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Sharing works of mercy 

Our blog features stories from projects around the world that are changing the amount of love, truth, well-being and opportunity that enter into the lives of marginalized children.


4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Change the Life of a Student in Haiti

It’s easy to look at the magnitude of poverty and suffering in places like Bois de Laurence, Haiti and be overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do and the great need that exists. Sometimes, it can paralyze us into taking no action at all...

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Why We Need School Sponsors: An Interview with Fr. Bavon

Fr. Bavon is the pastor of the only Catholic parish in Bois de Laurence, Haiti. When we sat down with him, we asked him to share his experience as a native Congolese...

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The Massive Impact of Just $10 in Haiti

As we explore the beautiful community of Bois de Laurence, Haiti, we've shared that a $10 per month donation, gives a child the gift of education at St. Jean Bosco School...

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How St. Jean Bosco School Changed My Life

Any teacher will tell you—the task of forming young minds and hearts is not an easy one. It involves long days of being attentive, engaged, and enthusiastic, only to come...

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Pray With Us: St. John Bosco Novena for Youth Around the World

If we are looking to make a meaningful change in the world around us, prayer is one of the most powerful places to begin. Our actions cannot end only with prayers, but as...

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The Magic of Working with Children in Need of Special Protection

Our SLU-Sunflower Art Camp is a special project for children in need of special protection, which usually happens every other summer.

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Witch Children, Corruption and Tractors—Offering Help, Hope and Healing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Dear friend, what good is a tractor without gas?

This question offers a great analogy for what the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is experiencing right now.  On one...

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Our Story

MercyWorks is an initiative sponsored by Missionhurst CICM that is dedicated to bringing dignity to the world’s most marginalized children by meeting their most basic educational and health care needs. Our projects include everything from building schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to providing proper medical care to infants in Guatemala. Learn more about our story and the Missionhurst CICM here.