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The Significance Behind the Number 110 in Healing from the Trauma of Abuse

by MercyWorks Team on June 11, 2020

In the Philippines, the rate of child neglect and abuse is staggering. An estimated 8 in 10 Filipino children experience some form of abuse during their childhood. With the rising cost of food, high inflation rates, and widespread poverty, many children are forced onto the streets, leaving them vulnerable to even greater trauma and the devastating loss of their childhood innocence. The abuse experienced by these children can lead them down dangerous paths and lifelong struggles involving crime, poverty, and vicious cycles of abuse that are difficult to escape. 

But what if the number 110 could mean the difference between a childhood restored and one lost to trauma?

Learn more about how you can help a child recover from sexual and physical  abuse. Join us in bringing hope and healing today!

The Impact of Childhood Abuse: A Primer for A Lifetime of Hardship

Those who experience abuse or neglect early-on in life often suffer from serious psychological and emotional disorders that destroy their ability to foster caring and nurturing relationships even decades after the traumatic event. Adverse childhood experiences are also linked to chronic health conditions later in life. In fact, trauma is a risk factor for nearly all behavioral health and substance use disorders. It significantly increases the likelihood that children will suffer from learning difficulties and long-term health challenges, and participate in criminal activity. 

But there is hope to overcome this trauma. However, to do this, it must first be understood, processed, and accepted. This is where psychotherapy sessions with a trained counselor can be life changing.  

Recovering from Trauma: Hope and Healing Found in Professional Psychotherapy 

The impact of a traumatic abuse event can last well beyond childhood. This is why it is so critical to address it early on. While healing from trauma can be a difficult process, through attentive care and the assistance of a trained counselor, recovery is possible. A mental health professional can also work closely with families to help them cope with the impact of traumatic events and aid in their child’s recovery. Through processing distressing emotions, such as anger, sadness, shame, and fear, therapy helps facilitate healing from childhood trauma.

However, for many struggling families, the cost of therapy can be prohibitive. 

The Work of the Sunflower Center

The Sunflower Center, a project of MercyWorks, is a ministry located in the Philippines dedicated to restoring hope to children and their families. As part of the Sunflower Center’s mission, the Child Youth and Wellness Center offers survivors of sexual and physical abuse and neglect a safe, loving, and playful environment in which they receive professional counseling services to help them heal from the trauma they have experienced. The center’s mission is to help every child live a healthy, full life. 

$110 is the cost of the average number of psychotherapy sessions needed for a child to begin their recovery journey.

In these 8-10 sessions, children are able to begin the healing process and take steps toward a new life. That number — 110 — can help raise a child out of the cycle of abuse and save them from a lifelong battle with mental and physical health. 

100 Percent of the $110 Goes Directly to Healing Care

Each year we provide psychotherapy and counseling sessions to help over 100 poor children across the Philippines recover from trauma due to sexual and physical abuse. We will never turn a child or family away because they cannot pay — their healing is too important. For those who are unable to pay in full, we cover or offset the cost of their treatment. However, in order to accomplish this mission, we rely on the generous support of our donors. 

Currently, we need to fund therapy sessions for 100 children. When you donate to MercyWorks, your donation goes directly to a child in need to provide them with loving, healing care. 100% of every dollar you give goes directly toward counseling services for a child in the Philippines. Through your generosity, we can continue to help children and their families overcome trauma and move toward healing.

Change the life of a child in need by sponsoring their counseling and therapeutic healing. Join the mission today!

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